There are tremendous benefits found in the vinyl plank flooring line, with characteristics that are sure to match your requirements. Here are some answers to our most frequently asked questions about this flooring line.

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Frequently asked questions about vinyl plank flooring

Does vinyl plank need to be acclimated?

Luxury vinyl flooring can succumb to temperature and humidity, resulting in a bit of expansion or contraction. That means these floors require acclimation, just like wood floors, for at least 48 hours before installation begins.

Is underlayment necessary for LVP floors?

LVP floors benefit from underlayment when noise reduction is one of your requirements. It helps reduce the sounds of footfall, ambient room noise, voices, and more, for a more peaceful environment wherever it’s installed.

What kind of subfloor is required for LVP?

We can install vinyl plank over a wide variety of subfloor materials, even if they are imperfect. Thicker materials hide imperfections nicely, primarily if a floating option is used, along with a quality underlayment.

What’s the best way to clean vinyl plank?

First, remove all surface debris with either a broom or a vacuum without a beater bar attachment. You can use a commercial cleaner designed for LVP, but be sure to stay away from scouring pads, ammonia, waxes, and abrasive cleaners, as they can all seriously damage the surface of these floors.

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