As you search our carpet store in Ridgeland, SC, for the perfect floor covering, you may hear the term “wall-to-wall carpeting” and wonder what it means. Here are some facts that help answer that question, and others, so you can make a fantastic decision for your upcoming remodel.

Understanding all the terminology

There is no shortage of terminology in the carpeting line, with terms such as pile, texture, density, and face weight, to name only a few. But you'll also hear about wall-to-wall carpeting, the most common way to purchase this flooring material.

Wall-to-wall carpet flooring is a product that covers the entire surface of your flooring, from one wall to another, leaving no space uncovered. An alternative to this would be area rugs, which are created by taking pieces or remnants of carpeting, binding them to protect against raveling, and placing them atop your main floor covering.

Whole coverage flooring is perfect for any home, offering benefits like stunning décor matching, heat retention, and noise reduction, all for excellent comfort. Also, ask about carpeting with hypoallergenic fibers, which can be highly beneficial for allergy sufferers, trapping and holding allergens in the carpet until you vacuum or commercially clean your flooring.

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