In general, a carpet can be expected to last about ten years. Specifically, the lowest grade may have a lifespan that is less than five years, while the best carpet may be serviceable for up to 25 years. Specialty Flooring is a carpet store in Ridgeland, SC; we offer various high-quality carpeting from manufacturers like Mohawk, Masland, and Dixie Home.

Carpet fiber

Carpet made with nylon or Triexta is the most durable. Nylon, the most popular fiber, has been on the market for many decades. It is known for its resilience, or ability to bounce back from compression. In contrast, Triexta was first available in 2009. Mohawk uses Triexta to make its SmartStrand products, which are designed for pet owners and active households.

Carpet pile

The soft surface flooring is created when fibers are looped onto a backing. Usually, a high-quality broadloom has densely packed fibers. Low loop pile carpeting offers maximum durability. 'Pile' refers to both the density of the fibers as well as their height. Loops are cut at the tips to create cut pile styles. Then fibers are twisted to increase durability. For standard cut styles, look for a twist number of 5 or 6.

Carpet padding

Carpet longevity is dependent upon the quality of the padding, which offers more than cushioning. Most importantly, padding affects wear since it absorbs the shock of footsteps. High-quality padding that is appropriate for the type of carpet that will be installed is imperative. This 'under the carpet' material is chosen according to thickness, pad height, density, or pad weight.

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