Luxury vinyl plank flooring, or LVP,  is a durable and practical alternative to hardwood flooring. Designs that look like wood species, with their characteristic grains, are created with digital imaging technology. The toughest brands are ideal for the most active households, and some of these high-quality brands are designed specifically for pet owners. Specialty Flooring in Ridgeland, South Carolina, is an LVP retailer that offers a wide assortment of vinyl plank flooring. If you prefer to shop from home, our mobile showroom can bring LVP samples to you.

Low vs high-quality LVP

LVP is composed of four layers - backing, core, design, and wear. Several factors differentiate the best vinyl plank flooring from less expensive brands. When comparing LVP brands, note the following:

  • wear layer and flooring warranty
  • quality of register embossing
  • the thickness of the wear layer
  • quality of the visual layer
  • the thickness of the plank
  • type of core

The thicker the plank, the sturdier it is, and the thicker the wear layer, the longer the lifespan of the plank. The wear layer resists stains, dents, and scratches. Since this clear top layer protects the design layer, thicker is always better. Look for a wear layer that has a thickness of at least 20 mils. Plank thickness helps determine the quality of the design. Deep embossing, which makes an image look realistic, is possible with the thickest planks.

Types of LVP

The core is the main component in a vinyl plank, and its construction is what differentiates the three types of LVP. Typically, lower-cost LVP has a 100-percent vinyl core. The best LVP has a WPC, or wood plastic composite, core or an SPC, or stone plastic composite, core. A WPC core includes wood byproducts while limestone is the main material in an SPC core. Both are waterproof. SPC has a higher density than WPC, but it is thinner overall.

Specialty Flooring has been serving the low country for many years, including the communities of Ridgeland, Beaufort, Bluffton, and Hilton Head, South Carolina as well as Savannah, Georgia. Our services include installation, design consultation, and kitchen and bathroom remodeling. In-home measurement is always free. It’s easy to get started with your LVP project by returning our ‘Request an estimate’ online form.