You’ll see a lot of performance fibers this year. You’ll hear them in carpet brand names like SmartStrand® and EverStrand®.

Ideal for the home that experiences kids’ messes and muddy pawprints, this carpet was tested in a rhinoceros cage for two weeks. At the end of the trial, there was no damage, and all it needed was a hose-down to clean it.

Sorona® is a fiber that’s often compared to nylon in strength.

Everything old is new again

This year there will be a shift back to traditional patterns, only they’re now used in modern settings, with bold vibrant colors that are also part of the 2020 trend.

This might be a good time to check out our rug binding service to repair that heirloom rug that you thought was irreparably damaged. Use it as a scatter rug, a runner or just layer it over another carpet (which is another 2020 trend).

Eco-friendly is the 2020 buzzword

●Mohawk’s EverStrand is made from recycled high-quality plastic bottles. It’s a polyester fiber that goes through an intensive purification process to strengthen the fiber and to remove any residue that can attract dirt.

The result is a highly durable, stain-resistant and fade-resistant carpet that is available in a wide assortment of colors and textures.

●SmartStrand, also by Mohawk, is often called the “corn carpet,” because it’s made from corn sugar and takes 30% less energy to produce. It also offers permanent stain resistance, ultra-durability and “color max,” deep, vibrant color variations.

Other things you’ll see this year

●Textures: Fibers and pile heights will be mixed and matched to create custom designs.
●Bold colors. These will include hues like sapphire and emerald green.
●Earth tones. The rustic/farmhouse/organic look is also popular, so you’ll see lots of tones like green, beige and brown.
●Shag color palette. Once known for its iconic gold, green and brown tones, this rug’s color variation has been expanded to include everything from red to purple and black.
●Patterns. These include florals, stripes, and geometrics.

For more information, come into the Specialty Floors showroom in Ridgeland, SC. By the way, you can find EverStrand, SmartStrand, and others in our inventory.