Choosing the best area rugs depends on the space where you intend to place the rug. In addition, different rooms may have other requirements, so choosing the right one for each area is essential.

We're here to help if you need clarification on which features suit your room. So, consider these facts as you search for the perfect rugs.

Rugs for protection

Many homeowners choose area rugs based on the need for protection, especially in foyers, kitchens, and bathrooms. In these spaces, they catch spills, splashes, footprints, and excess debris to keep them from touching the floors beneath.

In other spaces, you might find rugs for sale that protect the flooring from dents beneath heavy furniture, or fading, in rooms with lots of natural light. There are specific fibers and built-in protection for these, and we'd love to tell you more about them.

Rugs for beauty

Sometimes, you may prefer a rug simply for its stunning beauty and décor matching abilities. Choose exquisite materials like wool or polyester for light to medium traffic or nylon for areas with heavy traffic.

Extensive visuals, including fiber type, color, texture, and density, will affect your room's décor and ambiance. For incredible area rugs, please spend some time with one of our flooring specialists while you’re here to discuss your specific preferences and requirements.

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