Absolutely! Once solid was thought of as the only hardwood but now engineered is taking over a large portion of the wood flooring industry. It’s great for those who love this beauty but who also want something a little more practical.

This is, indeed, real wood but the construction makes it more stable and able to handle water a little better.

Solid vs. an engineered wood installation

While some consists of one slab of timber through the plank, this version has a slab of genuine timber at the top, called the veneer layer, giving your floor that beautiful look we all love with any hardwood floor.

Underneath are at least three layers (but preferably more), of hardwood plus other materials. The layers are positioned so the grains are crosswise, and this is what gives it steadiness.

It doesn’t need acclimation, the process of letting the hardwood adjust to conditions before installation. That’s because it is so steady that it won’t expand or contract to adjust to the weather.

It can also be refinished; however, the number of times it can be sanded depends upon the thickness of the material. It’s often about ⅝ to ¾ inch thick, but be sure to discuss this with your retailer.

Other benefits include:

●Higher resale value: It doesn’t matter if it’s solid or engineered hardwood; prospective buyers will often pay up to 2.5% more for a home with wood floors. Because this is real wood, real estate sales associates are legally allowed to advertise it as such in their materials. You’ll also recoup 70 to 80% of your investment (some even put it higher), as seen in your property assessment.
●A little less expensive. Your flooring retailer will advise you.
●More versatility in installation. Because solid can be damaged by water, it can’t be installed in high moisture rooms such as the bathroom.

Most homes in the South do not have basements and, if yours does, know that solid is never recommended for these below-grade levels. You can, however, install the floors with engineered. Do avoid the bathroom (known as the “wettest room in the house”), but powder rooms and half-baths are fine.

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