LVP is an industry term for “luxury vinyl planks” and it’s one of the most versatile, beneficial floor coverings you could possibly consider for your home. Not only does it come in appearance options that allow you to decorate or match what you already have in place, but it has so many things going for it, you’ll feel like you’ve won the flooring lottery. It’s durable, it resists wear, and it comes in plank sizes that make it easy to handle and install. More than that, it even makes sense to put it in every single room of your home.
The first thing you’ll notice about LVP is the very same thing all your guests will notice first: The absolutely stunning appearance. It easily mimics the most common all-natural flooring resources, but even more personalized looks can come from exotic hues or substances, like tiny pebbles in a shade of black. Let’s just say matching your existing decor will be no problem.
If you’re looking for something that not only stands up to everyday wear and tear like it’s supposed to but also goes above the call, choose 100% waterproof LVP. This gives you complete peace of mind what the future of your flooring. With a core that is all vinyl, the material will even be able to withstand flood conditions and not be destroyed.
LVP often comes with an underlayment that actually does several different things. It makes your flooring much more comfortable to walk and stand on, but it also helps to keep your floors warmer when it matters most. On the other hand, if your house is busy and active, you’ll find it more peaceful, as noise levels will be reduced as well.
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