We know you'll have questions when you're ready to find engineered hardwood flooring. And we have the answers you're looking for and so much more.

Your frequently asked questions about engineered hardwood

Is engineered wood natural wood flooring?

Yes, engineered wood flooring gives you the construction of all-wood features, top to bottom. These floors are perfect for the same customizations and refinishing as solid wood.

Does engineered flooring need to acclimate?

Since these floors are made of natural wood, acclimation is necessary before installation. The process takes the same one to three days for the best results.

Is engineered wood flooring suitable for a floating installation?

Engineered wood floors are an excellent choice for a floating installation in many rooms. The pieces connect with ease and give you an impressive result in any room of your home.

Are engineered floors waterproof?

These materials are not waterproof, but they stand up well to humidity, dampness, and spills. Care should be taken to clean up messes as soon as they happen. We'll tell you more about it when you visit our showroom.

How long will engineered wood flooring last?

Engineered hardwood flooring can give you up to 30 years of life in most spaces. A professional installation and regular care are the best ways to meet this lifespan.

Can I have these floors refinished?

Engineered materials are perfect for refinishing up to several times. The process is much the same as solid wood, though the number of times depends on the veneer thickness.

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